In accordance with Section 55 (5) of the Act no. 351/2011 on electronic communications, as amended, we would like to inform you about the use of cookies and draw your attention to the possibility of changing the settings of your Internet browser in case the current settings for the use of cookies do not suit you.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be sent to your web browser when you visit a website and stored on your device (computer or other device with internet access, such as a smartphone or tablet). Cookies are stored in the file folder of your internet browser. Cookies usually contain the name of the website from which they originate and the date of their creation. The next time you visit the site, the web browser reloads cookies and sends this information back to the website that originally created the cookies. The cookies we use do not harm your computer.


We use several types of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies

These cookies form the basis for the operation of our website and enable the use of basic functions such as secure areas or online payments. Essential cookies are used, for example, for remembering login, enabling access to secure areas without having to log in again, pre-filling forms, etc. Without these cookies, we cannot provide the services that form the basis of our site. If you disable these cookies, we will not be able to guarantee flawless operation of the site.


Operational cookies

With the help of operational cookies, we collect statistical information on how to use our website. This technical information tells us, for example, which parts of the website you clicked on, which page you visited last and p. These cookies serve us to analyse and improve our website in terms of content, performance and design. If you disable these cookies, we cannot guarantee the flawless operation of our site.


Third-party cookies

Our site has links and integrated content from other websites. Therefore, during the use of our website, cookies may be created that are not under our control. This is the case, for example, if the website you are viewing uses a third-party analytics or marketing automation tool (such as Google tools) or displays the content of a third-party website, such as YouTube or Facebook. This results in the acceptance of cookies from these third-party services. Our company cannot control the storage or access to these cookies. If you want to know how these third parties use cookies, please read the privacy policies and cookie policies of these services.


Use of cookies

By using our site, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with the settings of your internet browser. If you visit our website, are enabled in your browser to accept cookies, do not change the settings of your internet browser and continue to visit our website, we consider this as acceptance of our terms of use of cookies.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to optimally create and constantly improve our services, adapt them to your interests and needs and improve their structure and content. We do not use the data obtained through the use of cookies to contact you by post, e-mail or telephone.


How can you change your cookie settings?

Most internet browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. You can change this setting by blocking cookies or by notifying you if cookies are to be sent to your device. Instructions for changing cookies can be found in the “help” option of each browser. If you use different devices to access the site (e.g. computer, smartphone, tablet), we recommend adapting settings on each browser on each device to your cookie preferences.


Why keep your cookie settings?

The use of cookies and their permission in the web browser is your decision. However, if you change their settings, some of our websites may have limited functionality and reduced user comfort.

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