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imgSewage suction tank trucks (ADR)
Designed for suction and transport of different liquid and semi-liquid substances, sludge. Desigh complies with ADR. Tank volume ranges from 3 to 16 m3. Powerful suction compressors by JUROP, MORO, Battioni, Demag Wittig and other. Mechanical drive compressor, or hydraulic. Superstructure suitable for chassis according to customer's request, e.g. TATRA, IVECO, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, MAN, Volvo and other.
imgFuel transport tank trucks (ADR
Designed for transport of fuel, it complies with ADR Agreement. Tank capacity ranges from 2,5 to 18 m3. Loading and draining group equipped with HAAR, SENING, EQUIPTANK and other. Hydraulic pump drive. Superstructures equipped with elements for bottom loading and vapor recovery. Measured output of transported media by compensation measurement EMR3. Chassis TATRA, IVECO, AVIA, DAF, MAN, Mercedes - Benz and other.
imgSuction-canalization tank truck (ADR)
Designed for sewer and canalization network cleaning, septic tanks and pipes. Tank volume ranges from 5 to 18 m3. Equipped with vacuum pump by JUROP, Battioni, MORO, Demag Witting and other. Equipped with hose reels and high pressure pumps by Uraca, PRATISSOLI, HPP and other. Sludge tanks may be equipped with suction boom. Superstructures are suitable for various types of chassis according to customer's request e.g. IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, etc.
imgWatering and sweeper tank trucks
Designed to transport water, watering and cleaning of public roads and greenery. Tank volume ranges from 5 to 18 m3. In the front part is the watering bar, at the back part is a hose reel or water cannon. Equipped with high capacity pumping unit- medium pressure or low pressure. Pump drive is hydraulic. Manufactured as fixed or removable superstructures. The tank superstructure is suitable for various types of chassis.
imgConcrete mixer tank trucks
Drum volume ranges from 6 to 9 m3. Hydraulic or mechanical drum drive, fully mechanically or power operated. Suitable for various types of chassis.
imgPressure tanks, fuel tanks, ADR containers
Pressure vessels, air chambers, tanks for heat exchanger and compresion plants. Double shell overground and underground fuel tanks. In complience with ADR as well.